Brent Terhune

Sat, Mar 23, 2019
7:15 PM 9:45 PM

Brent Terhune

with Dwayne Cobb

Characters, voices, one liners, and time-tested monologues- Brent Terhune is the embodiment of all these things. Not many comics can pull off Brent’s laid-back style of comedy and still remain just as absurd and funny, but equally relevant and relatable at the same time. Currently, Brent is a writer for the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show.He’s been featured on Fox’s “Laughs” and his debut comedy album went all the way to #1 on the iTunes charts.He’s also appeared at the Limestone Comedy Festival and gets regular play on SiriusXM.

Dwayne Cobb

“No punch lines, no gimmicks, just REAL”-Dwayne Cobb Since his debut at Fed Ups Open Mic Night in April 2010, comedian and actor Dwayne Cobb, has captivated audiences with in yo face, raw, gritty, uncensored, tell it like it is humor Born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana, Dwayne credits most of his comic roots to his diverse upbringing on the mean street sof the West side of Indianapolis as a middle child of a Barbados,West Indies preacher and a Mother born in Alabama also a preacher. Determined to establish an entertainment foundation for the unsung comedians, musicians, and poets of Indianapolis,IN .Dwayne founded 3D Entertainment, an organization focused on the development of talented Midwest artist and players (theatre). It seems comedy is second nature which attributes to Dwayne’s growing success, as he continues to stay in high demand on the Indianapolis entertainment scene hosting charity events, fashion shows, parties, clubs, as well as a host of other events. His signature ‘Bring out the Light ”actin which he brings light to the flaws and fashion faux as of the audience members has solidified him as a no holds bar comedian. Dwayne can bring out a crowd anywhere, whether it’s doing clean show for a corporate setting or getting down and dirty Dwayne has the ability to move any crowd. His Laugh Out Lounge comedy show has been Running Monthly Since Aug. 2010.And continues to shine the light on up and coming comics around the country and home grown talent Dwayne Also Had an Internet Radio Show“TheHappy Hours”On Radio Next ( Dwayne played a Role in the Stage Play “Not My Baby” Two time winner of the Hottest Man in the Game Award for the Hottest Comics in Indiana