Dylan Vattelana w/Amiracle

Fri, Jan 28, 2022
Sat, Jan 29, 2022

Dylan Vattelana w/Amiracle

with Amiracle

The winner of the 2016 Broadway comedy festival in New York City, Dylan has a very unique take on every day observations that will leave you laughing and saying that’s so true at the same time. He’s been traveling the country performing at The best comedy clubs and colleges in America… He’s a regular favorite with the FunnyBone and Improv franchises. Hey Dylan Vattelana comedy show is the perfect choice for a fun night out without worry of being offended.


Amiracle is the only Black and Arabic guitar comedian ever. Growing up in Los Angeles, he always felt confused with his identity because he looked like so many different ethnicities but felt he did not fit in with just one. The nuns in middle school punished him for his jokes in class. His life changed watching the ugliest boy in school captivate the girls with the seductive power of the guitar. Then the miracle happened when he combined his music and jokes, and found his place in comedy. Amiracle has appeared on TLC, Nickelodeon, Funny or Die, & Features for Craig Robinson. Now he roasts his audiences with serenades, laughs about his bi-racial family differences, and the nuns can’t stop him. IG @amiracle_comedian